Vision and Hearing Screening and more!


Dear Parents,

Mrs. Chudik and I will be doing vision and hearing screening on first through third grades soon. We will be doing just vision screening on fourth and fifth graders. At some point this year we will also be doing heights and weights for first and fourth graders. These are all State Mandated screenings. You will be notified if the screening results show that you need to follow up with an eye care specialist.

We can store cough drops in the Health Office for your child. Just bring them in and leave them with us. Children should not be carrying around their own for safety and not sharing.

If your child borrows clothes from the Health Office, please be sure to send them back after they are washed. You may keep the underwear.

Good handwashing is the number one way to prevent the spread of illness. Proper covering of coughs and sneezes is very important as well. Teaching your child to deflect coughs or sneezes by doing into their elbow and away from others.

Warm and healthy wishes,


Resilience is a key skill for children to learn.

Heather Makris,  BSN RN NCSN

Luther Conant Elementary School Nurse


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Walter Rodriguez