Conant School PTO Newsflash - Week of May 20, 2018
Super reader theme for the month of May is Hope. This lovely bulletin board is by kindergartners from Mrs.Crumlish's class! 
Coming Up!
  • No School, Memorial Day: May 28
  • Conant Arts Show: May 31
  • Polar Pride Day : June 15
  • 6th Grade Graduation : June 22
  • Last Day of School : June 27
Conant Arts Shows

PTO Current Open Positions

We need YOU!
A very big thank you to all of you who volunteered for our open positions! Our greatest need is President and Vice President for next year. Our current President's 2yr term is up in June and she will remain on as a board member. Our PTO is a well oiled machine and basically runs itself, should you choose either position you will be very well supported!

Works with and is supported by the PTO Executive Board. The role entails chairing PTO meetings, which can be either in the day or evening. This is completely flexible! You also help the team leaders to run their events, do write ups for the newsflash etc.

Vice President
Helps and learns from the President and will step up after 1 yr to become President.

Donating Books to The Conant School Library

Donations of books to the Conant School Library are most gratefully accepted!  Book donations help to keep our library collection current. If you would like to donate a book, we ask that you allow us to order the book from our supplier.  The books are substantially discounted and come processed for library use. To donate a book to the library, call or stop by the library, or simply complete the form below.  The cost is $12 per book, which is our average discounted cost for hardbound books. Checks should be made out to the Conant PTO.
People often donate books as simply a gift from their child.  Other times, books are donated as a gift from their child given to thank a teacher.  A special bookplate will be placed in the book with the inscription you have chosen. Your child will have the opportunity to be the first person to take out the donated book. Donation form available here.

CORI Forms

As many of you know, CORIs are valid for 3 years, but, because of the size of our district, all CORIs are renewed on a 3-year calendar basis, as opposed to a rolling basis (three years from the date your's was submitted). Unless you have filled out a new form already this year, ALL parent/guardian volunteer CORIs will expire at the end of June.

Therefore, we are now accepting CORIs for volunteering in the school for this new 3-year CORI cycle (1/1/18-12/31/20). You many stop in the office any time before the end of the school year. Please note that we will need to make a copy of your driver's license. As a reminder, you only need to be CORI'd once for the entire district, not for each school in which you have children attending.  

Thank you very much for your timely attention to this important matter.  We are truly grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers.

Polar Pride Gear

Thank you to everyone who has ordered their Polar Pride Gear, its great seeing all the kids wearing their Conant sweatshirts around the school! You can order our gear anytime, we still have some sizes in stock. Payment can either be in the form of a check made out to Conant PTO, delivered to the office or via our PayPal link. If you are using PayPal please state "gear" in the description box.
Nurses Notes

For time outdoors at school

I highly recommend that students wear shoes to school that they can run around in when they go outside. Flip-flops, thong sandals, and any loose shoes can cause trips, twists, and turns and cause falling.

Some information about stinging insects

Honeybees-Won't mess with you if you don't mess with them. But, the reaction to a sting can be significant.

Hornets and Wasps-Are more aggressive but if you don't bother them, they usually won't bother you.

Yellow Jackets- Very aggressive. They are scavengers so tend to hover around trash cans etc. Most are ground nesters. They are the main culprits of stings.

In general, a person who is insect sting allergic is allergic to one genre but at times there is cross-reactivity, such as wasp to a yellow jacket.

Tips to avoid being stung
  • Don't eat outdoors, This includes cans of drinks, drinks with straws, etc.
  • Avoid being in flowers and wearing floral clothing.
  • Stay away from fallen fruit, ie apples.
  • Don't go barefoot.
  • Watch for nests in bushes and trees and evidence of ground nests.

Reaction to a sting

The vast majority of people who are stung react within 10 minutes. However a reaction can occur up to an hour or so later. A penny size hive is a pretty typical reaction.


Remove stinger, ice. Analgesic and antihistamine if needed for larger skin only reaction. 

Please keep your child's Student School Health records up to date

It helps Margita and I provide the best care for them.

New diagnosis or health condition, including ADHD, anxiety, allergy, constipation...
New medications or changes in medication doses
Reports resulting from referral made by the nurses
Annual physicals
Immunization records with new immunizations

Wishing you all good health and smiles!

Annual Giving Campaign Update

Thank you to the 128 families who have already contributed to our Annual Giving Campaign. So far we have raised $18,711 through the Annual Giving Campaign, $3,044 through matching employer contributions, and $18,724 through various PTO events . Thank you, once again!

As you know our target is $44,000, over half of which ($23,864.22) will be gifted back to the district for pay for our 2-6th grade classroom assistants. Unfortunately, this is not covered by our town taxes. 

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal. You can use this donation form or use PayPal to donate.

Other ways your family can donate:
  • You can also apply to your employer for a matching donation, all you need is this - Conant PTO Federal Tax ID 04-3078-593
  • Sign up to Donate with Amazon Smile, for every purchase you make Amazon donates 0.5% to Conant PTO
  • Keep clipping and collecting your box tops
  • Drop in your Donelans receipts to the office
Support Conant

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Support our PTO with every Amazon purchase you make!  Click here to login to your usual Amazon account.  Amazon will pay 0.5% of each purchase to the Conant PTO.  

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