Conant School PTO Newsflash - Week of June 24, 2018
Polar Pride Picnic!
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  • Last Day of School : June 27
Summer Reading Program

Each summer, as part of the Conant Summer Reading Program, we ask children to keep a list of the books they have read during the break. Reading during the summer is very important in helping children maintain and enhance their academic skills, continue to develop critical comprehension and thinking skills, and is also a great way to relax. Please encourage your child to read for the fun and enrichment that reading provides!

Children who participate in the Conant Summer Reading Program and who read at least 10 books, or read for at least 10 hours, will receive both a Certificate of Achievement and a Conant 2017 keychain. The keychain style is different each year so that children can develop a Conant keychain collection! Book log sheets and additional details will be enclosed with your child's report card and may also be downloaded here.

When school begins in the fall, please have your child(ren) return log sheet(s) to their new teacher no later than Friday, September 7, 2018. We hope that you have a wonderful and safe summer!  

link for log sheet - log_sheet

Happy Reading!!
Siobhan Smith, Conant Media Assistant
Melissa Meek, Summer Reading Program Parent Coordinator

Big changes to next years PTO events calendar
We are very excited to tell you all about a few changes to the calendar for next year. We have decided to partner with The Silver Unicorn BookStore, Acton, for our upcoming Book Fair, in December. This will mean that we will be able to bring a wider range of books both in terms of cost and publishers to the school. Details will follow in September.

We are also very excited to bring you a new event for next year, we have decided to combine the Variety Show with the Festival of Cultures, this event will take place in Conant & it will no longer be a joint event with Douglas .  This is going to be a great new community event for Conant, we are really looking forward to bring you all the details in September.

We have also decided to rotate a few events, mainly to spread our events out more. Both PumpkinFest and the Bowling night, will rotate yearly, so next year we will have a bowling night but no PumpkinFest.

If you would like to get involved in any of our events, please contact Jane Archer at

Conant T Shirts
As you know this year the PTO purchased Conant T shirts for all the kids. The color of each grades T shirt will follow your child throughout their time in Conant. For next year and future years the PTO will only fund T shirts for the incoming Kindergarten classes and all new students. If your child has misplaced their T shirt we will unfortunately have to charge you for a replacement.

Summer Day Program 2018

Summer Day Program is for kids entering grades K-6. Please click here for details.

Leadership in Training Program, Summer 2018

This summer's LIT program is being sponsored by Danny's Place Youth Services, whose mission is to empower youth through life and leadership.   When young people are empowered, they feel better about themselves and will feel more successful in life.  Please click here for details.

Newsletter from Food Services and Summer Feeding Flyer

Please use the links to access the Food Services Newsletter as well as the Summer Feeding Flyer.  

School Band information

Click for more information : Elementry Ensemble Enrichment

Last Day of School

The last day of school is Wednesday, June 27th. It will be an early dismissal. No lunch is served. 
Our School Nurse needs help!

Mrs Makris is short of a few clothing items for the rest of the school year. If you have any sporty shorts, especially for 4th-6th grade and socks, any size. We would be very grateful if you could donate any of these items to the school. A bin will be outside the office or you can leave them into the office.

Donating Books to The Conant School Library

Donations of books to the Conant School Library are most gratefully accepted!  Book donations help to keep our library collection current. If you would like to donate a book, we ask that you allow us to order the book from our supplier.  The books are substantially discounted and come processed for library use. To donate a book to the library, call or stop by the library, or simply complete the form below.  The cost is $12 per book, which is our average discounted cost for hardbound books. Checks should be made out to the Conant PTO.
People often donate books as simply a gift from their child.  Other times, books are donated as a gift from their child given to thank a teacher.  A special bookplate will be placed in the book with the inscription you have chosen. Your child will have the opportunity to be the first person to take out the donated book. Donation form available here.

CORI Forms

As many of you know, CORIs are valid for 3 years, but, because of the size of our district, all CORIs are renewed on a 3-year calendar basis, as opposed to a rolling basis (three years from the date your's was submitted). Unless you have filled out a new form already this year, ALL parent/guardian volunteer CORIs will expire at the end of June.

Therefore, we are now accepting CORIs for volunteering in the school for this new 3-year CORI cycle (1/1/18-12/31/20). You many stop in the office any time before the end of the school year. Please note that we will need to make a copy of your driver's license. As a reminder, you only need to be CORI'd once for the entire district, not for each school in which you have children attending.  

Thank you very much for your timely attention to this important matter.  We are truly grateful for all of our wonderful volunteers.

Polar Pride Gear

Thank you to everyone who has ordered their Polar Pride Gear, its great seeing all the kids wearing their Conant sweatshirts around the school! You can order our gear anytime, we still have some sizes in stock. Payment can either be in the form of a check made out to Conant PTO, delivered to the office or via our PayPal link. If you are using PayPal please state "gear" in the description box.
Nurses Notes

*Encourage your children to wear shoes that you feel will be safe when they go out for recess. The school can get very hot as there isn't any air conditioning in the classrooms. Provide water bottles. There are refilling stations in school. 
The children tend to get very excited at this time of year. Talk with them about playing at recess, having fun, but remember to play safely. Also, recess time should not be a competitive time but a time to be inclusive of all of those who want to play. They can practice being competitive during their extra-curricular activities. The teachers and monitors do talk with them about this but it is also important that they hear it at home.

*The last day of school is June 27th which is a half day. Please plan to pick up inhalers, epinephrine auto-injectors/Epipens, and any remaining prescription medication on one of the last few days of school. Keep in mind that we will need these here for the last few field trips.
5 and 6th graders Monday the 25th

*International travel for those with Life-Threatening Allergies
When traveling out of the country, there are different rules, laws, etc. regarding emergency medication. I just found out about a resource that may be very helpful to those of you whose families are traveling out of the country and need to carry epipens/auto-injectors.  FARE and IFAAA have travel information for many specific countries as well as a Travel Plan for the doctor to complete etc.

I highly recommend that you access the 
Spring Resources sent by Deb Bookis, Director of Curriculum ,around May 24th.
There "are suggestions from the AB Curriculum Department to support learning at home as the summer approaches. For more frequent ongoing news, please follow us on Twitter @ablearns."

Wishing you health and peace.

Resilience is a key skill for children to learn.
Heather Makris  BSN RN NCSN
Conant Elementary School Nurse

Annual Giving Campaign Update

Thank you to the 132 families who have already contributed to our Annual Giving Campaign. So far we have raised $19,011 through the Annual Giving Campaign, $3,515 through matching employer contributions, and $19,177 through various PTO events . Thank you, once again!

As you know our target is $44,000, over half of which ($23,864.22) will be gifted back to the district for pay for our 2-6th grade classroom assistants. Unfortunately, this is not covered by our town taxes. 

We still have a long way to go to reach our goal. You can use this donation form or use PayPal to donate.

Other ways your family can donate:
  • You can also apply to your employer for a matching donation, all you need is this - Conant PTO Federal Tax ID 04-3078-593
  • Sign up to Donate with Amazon Smile, for every purchase you make Amazon donates 0.5% to Conant PTO
  • Keep clipping and collecting your box tops
  • Drop in your Donelans receipts to the office
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